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Semester Semester Fall 2018 CLElife 1002 Syllabus

Classes are Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
at First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland
3630 Fairmount RoadShaker Heights, OH 44118

Classes begin September 6th until December 6th(with Fall and Thanksgiving Break)

Dr. Victor Bull, Facilitating Professor

Special Guests Professors * to be listed

Tuition: As part of our pilot, first-year program, our cost for the course is just $75. Next semester, the cost of tuition will increase.

Accreditation: The class should provide 3 CEU by the end of the semester. Those who have completed the first-semester CLELIFE 1001 will graduate with a large diploma, while those who have completed just CLELIFE 1002 will complete a certificate of completion.

Developing a Social Enterprise/Venture Business Plan.

The major deliverables for the course is a business plan based on the project identified and validated in the feasibility study and initiating the project.

“The final product, a complete business plan, demonstrates a commitment to accountability by including a rigorous measurement system for assessing and improving performance. It also includes a plan for achieving financial sustainability, which ties funding to results and helps to attract funders …”- Andrew Wolk

Week One: Sept. 6 The Business Plan

Review of the elements, placement of the outline into the business plan template

Week Two: Sept. 13The identification of Strategic Partners and Engaging them.

Review of the names of strategic partners generated, assignment into categories (i.e. mentoring programs)

Assignment of participants to contact strategic partners and report back to class

What other strategic partners need to be added?

Week Three: Sept. 20Legal Issues and Structure *

Discussion of the structure of the project.

Decision on the legal structure of the project.

Week Four: Sept 27 Applying Fundraising, Grant Writing, and Budgeting Skills *

Identification of funding sources for the project

Week Five:Oct 3 Leveraging Networks and Mentors *

How do we reach out to others to engage them in the project?

(Fall break)

Week Six Oct. 17 Non-profits, Governments and Social Entrepreneurship

Week Seven Oct 24 Marketing *

Recognition in the media and social media

Marketing to corporations and law firms as a vehicle to fulfill their social mandate.

Week EightOct 31 Measuring and Managing Performance *

Setting parameters to ensure that that the project is progressing as anticipated

Is there a point at which we determine it will not work?

Week NineNov 7 Scalability

How do we expand the reach of the program?

Week TenNov 14 Sustainability

What structure must be set up to be able to continue?

(Thanksgiving Break)

Week Eleven Nov 27 Final presentations Part One Group Presentation

Week TwelveDec 6 Final presentation Part Two Group Presentation & Conclusion

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