About Us

The Cleveland Life Institute is a one-semester adult leadership training program that by following the teaching method of Jesus which unites like-minded, passionate people of various backgrounds together to become united by a sense of community. Our community is the City of Cleveland, Ohio.


Providing a solid, core curriculum for leadership development taught by a primary instructor and a series of prominent leaders within the community. Each semester will have between ten and twelve guest instructors representing a wide range of our community (business, religion, education, health, government, and the arts.) This exposes the student to a wide range of individuals who are currently engaged in our community.


Experience provided with a experiential aspect to the learning through a community project which the Cleveland Life Institute has created in partnership with the City of Cleveland. This acts a practical way for learning to go beyond the classroom by providing a real world environment personal growth and for social transformation.


Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where a leader works with subordinates to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group.

The History of Our Church and Its Leadership

First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland BuildingThe Cleveland Life Institute is a new program designed to provide quality adult leadership education at the highest level which is faith based, the morals and teachings of Jesus Christ. We are open to all faiths as well as those who may question their faith but are open to learn, connect and explore along with others in a healthy and diverse educational environment.

Our program is an outgrowth of the First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland, Ohio, which is the First Baptist Church in the city of Cleveland established in 1833. Our church has long held a significant role in the history of Cleveland and the home of many of its historic families. Education and the Fine Arts have long held to be an important part of First Baptist Church.
Our current building is located on Fairmount Blvd in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The building represents the best of the city of Cleveland in 1928 with a large Neo-Gothic design by the famous architecture firm Walker and Weeks.

They are best-known for their design of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, built in 1923. The Indiana World War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis, Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Cleveland Public Library Building, Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, and Severance Hall. Our building includes works by sculptor Henry Hering.

Our church has been active for civil rights and social equality as we are a racially diverse and theologically engaging congregation celebrating our love for God and for each other.
The Cleveland Life Institute is a non-profit entity which is separate but accountable to the First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland, which is an American Baptist Church of the United States of America. Our Church holds partnerships with Cleveland Baptist Association of Churches, the Greater Cleveland Community of Churches, the Partners of Love, Inc., the United Pastor’s in Missions, and the Ecumenical Council of Greater Cleveland.

Our Logo

Cleveland Life Institute LogoThe C L I – the initials are in dark blue, light blue and green. Green is for growth. Light blue represents the sky looking above to open horizons and the dark blue represents our place next to the wide open waters of Lake Erie – home of Cleveland. The “L” inside of the “C” show life in the midst of the city. The “L” also represents a labyrinth illustrating the movement to solve problems and find answers.


“So God is pleased when they call Him their God. In fact, he has prepared a city for them.” Hebrews 11:16 (NIV a)