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Twelve Weeks of Classes on Thursday nights from 7 pm until 8:30 pm

Experiential Teaching by Real World Professors/ Professionals

CLElife 1002 Developing A Social Enterprise / Venture Business Plan

During our first semester (CLElife 1001) we created a business plan to address the housing crisis in many communities in Cleveland.


The end product of the semester was the Business Plan- Houses to Homes, INC. In our second semester (Clelife 1002) we will implement the Business Plan by walking through the process of making the concept into an actual Non-Profit Social Venture / Enterprise.



Our project – Houses to Homes, Cleveland, Inc.

– a real-world program to improve economically challenged neighborhoods, one home at a time, combining improvements and renovations with a training program for neighborhood youth in order to provide vocational skills in the building trade. It is to bridge a partnership with homeowners, contractors, vocational and trade school apprenticeship programs and corporate sponsors.


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